About me

I set up "The Undercover Bridesmaid" in 2016 after attending numerous weddings and realising that many of the Brides were so stressed out that they just didn't enjoy their big day as much as they should have. Hence the need for a Professional Bridesmaid!

Although Brides often have bridesmaids at their sides, there is not a singe person on the day who is completely dedicated to the bride. While wedding planners focus on vendors and venues, a professional bridesmaid does whatever the bride needs her to do.

Since setting up The Undercover Bridesmaid I have had lots of request from all over the UK to act as Bride's 'Undercover Bridesmaid' and I am now booked for numerous weddings next year.

As well as being an Undercover Bridesmaid, I am a Romance Expert, TV Presenter and Journalist. I run www.theoneromance.com which helps plan romantic events such as marriage proposals, wedding anniversares and dates, and regularly write for Brides magazine. I've been told I'm an expert when it comes to anything and everything wedding related and I'm determined to make sure that your wedding day is as stress free and fun as possible.