What is a Professional Bridesmaid?

What is an Undercover Bridesmaid?

For many women, Weddings mean stress. How do you seat family members that don't get on with one another? What do you do with that bridesmaid who never responds to hen-do emails and how do you sleep at night when your to-do-list before the wedding seems endless?

By hiring an Undercover Bridesmaid, you have someone at your side 27/4 who can do all the stuff you'd hate to ask your other bridesmaids to do. After all, your actual bridesmaids are likely to be your best friends and family members - and you want them to enjoy your wedding as much as you do!

As an Undercover Bridesmaid,I'll help you do everything from managing RSVPs and planning engagement parties/hen do's to helping you deal with contrasting family opinions and getting every item on your to-do list ticked off. I can also be there on the day of your wedding to help with any last minute dramas or when you just need someone to rant to/turn Bridezilla on!

I also offer packages to help "maid of honours" and other soon-to be -bridesmaids! Just call me your Wedding Guardian angel and professional Bridesmaid ;-)