HOw much do you charge?

You can check out my Professional Bridesmaid Packages, which outline some of the costs. Look, I'm not going to lie. I love heeling brides so the last thing I want is to add financial stress to your wedding. Every Bride is different and every Bride have different wants/needs. Therefore I will work out a price for you, that works within your budget and what you need doing

why should i hire you?

The last thing I  am suggesting is that your current bridesmaids aren't up to the job. However by hiring me, you can take the STRESS out of their role as a bridesmaid, so they can instead be there for you emotionally (whilst I do all the bring bits behind the scene!) I've also worked with over 50 brides, so am used to dealing with 'bridezillas' and 'bridechillas', meaning I'm the expert at making sure your wedding planning, and wedding day, will go without a hitch!

I'm a guy...and I need an undercover Usher. Can you help?

Would I leave you men out?! Of course not. I have a wonderful Undercover Usher on my team who can help you with everything from your stag do, budgets and wedding speech. Just drop me an email and I'll put you in touch.


Anything else I need to know?

Sure, I'm currently setting up a Bridesmaid Bootcamp retreat! This is a chance for your Bridesmaids to attend a weekend of fun and frolics whilst I train them up to become the best Bridesmaids ever. It's the perfect way for Bridesmaids to bond before the wedding, work out what the Bride wants/needs, plan an amazing hen do and have some fun! Sign up to get on the waiting list!


Can I keep you 'hush hush?'

Of course you can! I understand that you might be nervous during a Professional Bridesmaid (and may worry about how people will react) so we can certainly keep my services a secret. I have worked as an Undercover Bridesmaid at many weddings were we concoct a story about how we met, I leant everything there is to know about you, and then I pose as the long lost friend! Get in touch for me to explain exactly how it works!

Do you work with brides worldwide?

I do indeed. I have worked with Brides in America, Asia, Europe and all over the UK. I'm more than happy to travel abroad for weddings and (due to the magic that is Skype!) I can help brides with wedding stress, worldwide!

You help out brides, but what about birdesmaids? Im due to be one soon and don't have a clue what I should do!

How could I forget the bridesmaids? (Don't worry I haven't!) I actually offer a unique 'how to be a kick ass bridesmaid' training course which will shape you into the best bridesmaid ever! The tutorials are given via a secret youtube video and videos will include:

- Advice on your duties as a bridesmaid and how to pull them off
- What you need to buy as a bridesmaid
- How to go out of your way to be the best bridesmaid ever
- How to deal with a Bridal meltdown
- Best gifts for the Bride to be from her Bridesmaids

COST: £50

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