Professional Bridesmaid Packages

A Professional Bridesmaid comes in lots of shapes and forms so that you can pick the service that really suits you! Below are all of the packages I offer as an Undercover Bridesmaid - from being there for your virtually (e.g on the other side of your computer screen!) to actually being with you on the day of your wedding. I also offer packages to help "maid of honours" and other soon-to be -bridesmaids! Just call me your Wedding Guardian angel


Virtual Bridesmaid

As your Online Bridesmaid, we will have 1:1 sessions/skype calls where I'll help you go through any problems that might arise in the run up to your wedding. I'll be there as your Wedding PA and confidant..

helping a bride  2.JPG

Ultimate Profesional Bridesmsaid

As your Ultimate Professional Bridesmaid, I'll not only help you in the run up to your wedding but also be there in person to support you at pre-wedding events and the ACTUAL wedding day.

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Maid of honor sos

You've been asked to be a Maid of Honour and, although you're flattered, you're panicking about having the time to do the job perfectly. This is where I'll step in as your 'secret assistant' to make your MOH duties go as smoothly as possible. Your bride doesn't ever have to know you have hired me!